Westmeadows Secures Commitment from On Field Leaders

Sunday 28 July 2019

Fresh from the news of the appointment of Mo Kaakour as Senior Coach for the next three seasons, the Westmeadows Football Club is pleased to announce that they have secured the ongoing commitment of two on-field leaders.

In the past couple of days, Club Captain Robbie Castello and gun forward Dean Clare have put pen to paper to formalise their commitment to the Tigers.

Robbie Castello has made a significant impression at Willowbrook both on and off the ground since his arrival at Willowbrook at the start of the year.  His experience and pin point delivery has been a key factor in the Tiger’s resurgence in 2019.

Castello’s renewed commitment is the perfect base for new coach Kaakour to build from.

“I’m excited to be part of the journey the football club is on. We have a great talent pool of young kids and a mix of older players -  the future is looking bright. With hard work on and off the field we will put ourselves in the position to see some success as a football club”

Dean Clare
returned to Willowbrook early in the season and has had a major impact this season as a key member of the Westy forward line that has challenged opponents all season.   

 Clare has signed on for Seasons 2020 and 2021.   

 “I couldn’t be happier to recommit and continue to call Westy home for the next 2 years and beyond. 

 Clare shares the ambition of his Coach and Captain.  “Who knows what this year holds but going forward I’m positive we can get this club into Premier Division and then stay there. I think we have a group that can achieve something special, we have a great balance of youth and experience, and with Kaaks on board we are in really good hands.”

 “I’m excited to be a part of it”


Westmeadows Secures Commitment from On Field Leaders