President Welcome

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Hi Everyone.

I’m Grant Smith and newly elected President of the Westmeadows Football Club.  I wanted to send everyone a message to say thank you for those who attended the AGM on Sunday. It was a great turn out by all the members and supporters. It was also wonderful to see the club end the year in strong position from a financial point of view.

The clubs annual report detailed a fantastic year across all parts of the club with our Juniors having success across the board, our girls & women’s program finishing strong and all 3 of our senior men’s teams playing in finals.

A number of our Juniors placed high within their relative competition voting and our Senior Men’s and U19.5 winning the best player and goal kicking awards. Truly a fantastic effort and not a lot possible without all the support of our volunteers, our parents and the commitment from our senior groups - both Men’s and Women’s. It seems like a great time to be given the opportunity to play a major part in the operations of the club.

Thank you to those who gave your votes to me. Please be assured that I personally, and the executive team, appreciate the responsibility we have been given.

So what is happening now and what are the plans up until Christmas?

  • Expressions of Interest have been sent out now for all teams excluding our Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s teams. Congratulations to both Mo Kaakour (Senior Men's) and Wayne Spicer (Senior Women’s) - welcome back to the club Spice. So if you’re keen to coach or be an assistant please make sure you apply.
  • Expressions of Interest’s have been sent out for the new executive level roles we have created based on the new organisational structure we have in place. We’ll be describing each of the roles and the investment in time needed to take on those roles. Again if you see something interesting, please make sure you apply.
  • After selecting the new executive team we’ll then be looking for support to fill the roles within each of the areas to make sure we share the load of the day to day operations of the club and this can be spread across as many passionate people as possible.

From there we’ll be getting ready for all the preseasons to kick off where our biggest challenge is finding grounds and facilities to host all of the teams in the middle of a very busy cricket season.

If there is any information or clarification needed on any of the points mentioned here or in relation to any of the communications gone out to date please feel free to make contact via our social media pages or via an email to our club secretary Deb Williams

Thanks a lot for your time. Looking forward to a great 2020

Go Tiges




President Welcome