As a club of over 280 players, we are run entirely by volunteer power. As such, each family will be asked to assist in a few small ways 2 or 3 times in the season.

All teams will need volunteers to help get them out & playing every week. It takes 10 parents to run EVERY game

Each team will need:

  • Assistant Coach – ongoing
  • Team Manager – ongoing 
  • Medic/First Aide – ongoing & trained
  • Boundary Umpire *
  • Goal Umpire *
  • Umpires Escort *
  • Match Day Official * 
  • Timekeeper *
  • Scorer – home games *
  • Water Boys – U15/17s & u18s *
  • Canteen Operations – home games *

If you are able to commit to one of the above roles for the season, please speak to the coach &/or team manager and make yourself known.

Roles marked with a star can be done on a weekly basis & if they can’t be filled, parents will be rostered on to fill them.

If roles are not allocated 15mins before the game, then our teams CAN NOT take the field to play.

Please support your club, and your team’s Coach / Team Manager by helping out where you can – without volunteers our kids won’t get to play!