The Child Safe Standards have been introduced by Victorian State Government as a compulsory, minimum standard of safety in all organisations providing services to children.

To ensure our compliance the Westmeadows Football Club has adopted policies and procedures to ensure our compliance with the 2017 AFL Victoria Child Safe Standards.

Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

AFL Victoria WWCC guidelines state that all who are working unsupervised with children under 18 years of age should have a current WWCC.

To arrange your Working With Children Check application please go online at 

All who are working with children for the Westmeadows Football Club will need to nominate the club as an employer on the WWCC website.  This can be simply done by logging into the below website and including the Clubdetails:

Westmeadows Football Club

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 2335, Gladstone Park, Victoria 3049

Westmeadows Football Club maintains a register of each WWCC for all who will be working with children within our Junior program.

Child Safety Officer

Westmeadows Football Club has established the role of Junior Welfare Co-ordinator to be the initial point of contact for any report.

Our Welfare Co-ordinator for 2020 is Kylie Hudson.  

Reporting Procedure

It is the responsibility of the Club to communicate the reporting procedure to all members of the EDFL and/or the AFL of any breach of Child Safety

Social Media Use

Adoption of the AFL Victoria Social Media Guidelines for all communication with children within the club.

Recruitment Processes

All positions which are going to have people working with children within the club should include a formal application process which requires a written application including the following details:

  1. Contact details for two referees relevant to the role which is being applied for.
  2. Proof of a current or evidence of application for a Working With Children Check.
  3. WWCC number (if currently held) and alignment of the card to the club.

 For any enquiries regarding the WFC and our Child Safety Compliance please contact:

Gareth Hanlon - Junior Welfare Co-ordinator